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Fanfiction Workshop(s) at Fanime!

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Fanfiction Workshop(s) at Fanime!

Postby FirefuryAmahira » Sat May 19, 2012 1:26 pm

So, we probably should have gotten this posted a little sooner than a week before the convention, but...

You-fic will be hosting three different fanfiction writing workshops at Fanime 2012. Panel descriptions and times are as follows:

Fanfiction 101: Story Building - Friday, May 25th at 9pm in Panels 1
Are you a fanfiction writer looking to improve your writing, or a reader looking for pointers before picking up the habit? Fanfiction Writing 101 covers the basics of story writing: developing a plot, creating a world, how to set scenes inside it, and how to publish it online.

Fanfiction 201: Characters - Saturday, May 26th at 12pm in Panels 2
Characters are essential to any story. Fanfiction Writing 201 covers how to work with and further develop canon characters; how to create and develop original main, secondary, and antagonist characters; and ways to avoid common pitfalls associated with the dreaded Mary Sue.

Fanfiction 369: Visualizing Sex 18+ ONLY - Sunday night/Monday morning May 28th at 1am in Panels 3
Do you feel like your stories fall flat and just can’t keep it up, leaving your readers unsatisfied? Fanfiction Writing 369 will strip away the mysteries and give you the knowledge you need to finish the job! It’s a perfect introduction for inexperienced authors. Be prepared to take notes!

While it is unlikely, panel times and locations may change, so if you're attending the convention, be sure to keep an eye out for scheduling changes that should be posted at various locations throughout the convention. You will need to be over 18 years of age and have a photo ID in order to attend the Fanfiction 369 panel, as convention staff will be checking at the door.

We will also have an updated version of our "Fanfiction Writers' Quick Reference Guide" to give out to everyone that contains expanded information about Mary Sues, as well as new material relating to crossover and alternate-universe fanfiction.
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