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Happy New Year! Fanfic Workshop at Anime LA!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:13 pm
by FirefuryAmahira
First off, hope that everybody had a happy holiday season; ours in that pesky real life place was pleasant but kinda crazy busy! ;)

Secondly, dude, did You-fic get shamelessly plugged somewhere new or something? If so, whoever plugged us has our thanks: we've had a slew of new signups over the past 2 days!

And thirdly, the meat of this announcement!

We'll be bringing the Fanfiction Workshop to Anime Los Angeles on Saturday, January 7, 2012. Rather, I will be bringing the workshop, as One and her husband are going to be out of town. The panel starts at 3pm and runs for one hour in the LP3 room (listed on the Pocket Program as the "New York (class)" room.) Unfortunately, we'll only have the one hour, as there is a panel booked for that room at 4pm. On the bright side however, the panel after us is also a writing panel, though that one isn't ours and is about writing for animation.

As usual, I'll have our Fanfic Quick Reference guide for folks to take with them, and I'll most likely hang around after the panel if anybody wants to chat. Bring your questions and ideas; the panel is a lot more fun for everybody when there's a dialogue going between panelist and panel attendees! ( I might love to hear myself talk, but really, help a fanfic author out here! :p )