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Kurama wants to enter you in school?! what is this school??!

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So far i like this new website :) well hopefully some of you users know yu yu hakuso and enjoy reading this! YU YU HAKUSHO IS PROPERTY OF YOSHIHIRO TOGASHI AND FUNIMATION
Chapter 4
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   " what is this....'school'?" you asked Kurama. It had been nearly a month since you washed ashore onto this strange world and Kurama had let you stay in his home. It was surprising as to how quickly his mother set a living space ( you don't really know what a room is ^^')up for you with no questions asked. An unsettling feeling still lingered within you. King koenma hardly questioned you and everyone seemed calm with your appearance. No matter, you paid little attention to this because you had more important things to worry about: finding your brother, yoko. Unfortunately, you mad little progress. This whole world is confusing to you, nothing makes sense. And now, Kurama comes into your living quarters and beings talking about a place called "school". 
   " think of it as an area where you train in different fields". kurama says while sitting next to you on your unusually tall futon ( bed^_^') a feeling of excitement enters your body. You image a bare field where everyone enters, prepared to battle each other. A chance to show off your abilities; it had been so long since you had attempted to do anything since you changed into this strange form. 
   you clasp Kurama's hands, smiling like a child, " When can I got to this school?!" you eagerly ask.
   Kurama smiles, his emerald eyes reflecting your human image. " well it depends, Nami, do you know how to read or how to do mathematical equations?"
   you stare at him confused. " reading...? That is only reserved for nobility! And what are mathematics?" you asked, tilting your head.
   Kurama smiles awkwardly " I see...well, I will need to teach you. You see, you can't really enter school without that kind of knowledge."
you raise an eyebrow. 'what is this school? Why would one need to know such useless knowledge that cant possibly advance you in the world?' she thought to herself ( keep in mind she has survived by stealing...you don't need math for that xD) however, the thought of a challenge enticed you. 
   " when would we begin this training?" you ask
   " as soon as possible. When I come home form school today" kurama says as he stands up and grabs his book bag. As he stood at the doorway , he turned and Stared at you for a moment with a strange look in his eyes. You slightly blush, you weren't used to staring people in the eye. His eyes widen, breaking from his trance.
   " I'll see you soon" he says as he leaves.
   " bye..." you say quietly. You didn't know why, but you felt so at ease with kurama, more than with anyone else you had spent years with in spirit world. He seemed o familiar to you...
   " Nami ! Your breakfast will get cold!" Kurama's mother ( or as you call her, Shiori-san) said from downstairs. You smile and leap from your tall futon and run down stairs, Shiori-San made the best meals!
   " oh, you're full of energy today" Shiori-San said while smiling. 
   "ohayo gozaimas( good morning), Shiori-San " you say while bowing. You immediately jump into the chair and eagerly stare at the rice and tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) in front of you. 'the people of this world eat like royalty!' you think excitedly. You begin to consume the meal like it was your last while Shiori-San ate her meal slowly.
   " my, such an appetite Nami!" she giggles. 
   " huh?" you say looking up, a bulging omelet piece stuffing your cheeks making you look swollen.
   " oh my um never mind" she says wide eyed. You shrug your shoulders and finish devouring your helpless meal. You attempt to clean the dishes the way Shiori-San had previously showed you. You growl frustrated in trying to rinse the stains from your plate.
   'Damnitt why do humans need to make their lives so complicated?! It will only become dirt again!' you say as you vigorously scrub the plates. Shiori-San sees that you are about to break her plates and quickly goes by your side
   " don't worry Nami I can handle it from her." she says as she smiles awkwardly. You sigh in relief from being freed from this tedious labor and flee to your living space and sit on the window sill, staring out the window. You can lightly see your reflection in the window, and you still feel you easy as you watch this person who is supposed to be you. You miss your untamed ember hair, saphire eyes, and kitsune ears and tail. They were replaced with this lifeless ebony hair and dull walnut eyes. You touch your earlobe, thee ears aren't yours. They are strange, squishy, and furless. The clothes you are wearing are not your kimonos but the strange garments Shiori-San gave you. The reflection is that of a stranger.
   'why did the river spirit do this to me?' you say while holding your knees to your chest.
>>TO MEIOH PRIVATE ACADEMY ( aka Kurama's school...we learn something new everyday :D)<<
   " alight students let's read our history books..." the teacher says as he stands tentative at his desk. 
   Kurama sighed inwardly. He did not mind learning, but he already knew so much about history from Yoko that he became a little bored. Science, mathematics, literature, those were the subjects that fascinated him. Kurama wasn't even sure if Yoko even knew to read since he primarily focused on stealing anything of value. [ reader: NEEEEEERD HE LIKES SCHOOL me: why is that bad o.o'] as he read the history book, he also wondered how he would go about teaching Nami how to read and the basics of math as soon as possible. He smiled as he thought of her, he didn't know why but he felt a strange connection to Nami that he couldn't quite place. While he pondered the bell rang and the students rushed out of the classroom and were quick to go home. As he slowly packed his book bag , two of his classmates (girls) approached hi desk.
   " Suichi-kuuuuun," one of them said cutesy, " you're leaving already? Don't you usually stay late to work?" 
   " yeah, I canceled my plans after school so I could stay near Suichi-kun" the other girl said pouting.
kurama stood and pulled the strap over his shoulder. He gently smiled. " I, sorry but I really must be heading him to attend to personal issues" he said as he walked out the door. He heard the girls whispering behind him saying " fool we shouldn't have asked he's probably mad". As he left the campus and headed home he heard a most dreaded noise.
   "KURAAAAAAAMAAAA" kuwabara yelled in his raspy voice. Kurama froze
   'out of any time he chooses now?' he thought frustrated.returned to see kuwabara, yusuke, and botan running towards him. 
   " hey kurama what's up?!" kuwabara yelled as if he wanted all of his classmates go ow of his alias.
   " kuwabara, please, refer to me as Suichi in this world" kurama whispered to kuwabara.
   " whoops sorry it slipped my mind" he said while scratching his head
   " please, as if anything can stick in that thing of yours known as a head" yusuke said grinning
kurama sighed and turned to botan, who was the only one among the three with self-control " what do I owe this visit?" he asked 
Botan sqeazed through between a fighting yusuke and kuwabara. " my goodness! Really you two cant you go anywhere without starting a fuss! I'm sorry kurama but we came to check on Nami." 
   " she's doing well. I plan on teaching her the basics of reading and math so she can attend school. It's only a matter of time before my mother grows suspicious."
   " oh how exciting!" Botan cried, " you simply must let us help you kurama it's simply to much work for you!" she said with excitement in her eyes.
   " it's okay can handle it- " but before he could finish yusuke and kuwabara butted in.
   " you don't need to ask Botan, of course kurama'll let us help who else could handle such delicate mission?!" kuwabara said while flexing his muscles
   " I don't know, maybe someone who knows how to count" yusuke said 
as they continued to fight kurama sighed because they were already following him home, there was no backing out now. As they approached his house, they all stopped what they were doing as they heard a loud crash coming from the house.
   "what was that?!" kuwabara cried
   " I don't know but I think we gotta go find out" yusuke said 
   " why are we saying our thoughts out loud?" Botan said.
disregarding what the others said , kurama lead the group as they ran to the house to investigate the noise.


   Whooh the end of chapter 4! haha I need to stop taking so long! But I thought and extra long chapter would make it up to you guys so- 
   chibi-Sensei: I know that's because-
   chibi-Sensei: calm down! If u had let me finished , I was saying out things will be elaborated next chapter! And I appreciate those who sen me supporting letters they encourage me to write more :)
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Chapter 4
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