GIF: Unnatural Anomalies
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Published: 2016-06-03 11:00:14
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Chapter 15
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This generates unnatural anomalies, also considered miscellaneous stuff, but it includes body modification, and other typical unnatural variations that the character may have.  This generator is purely optional, especially since some of these can be a tad extreme.  When I first made this generator, I kept getting a gauge piercing in the groin area (for a male character, no less, haha!), so I fixed it up so something like that won't pop up as often, but sometimes stuff happens.

This may be slightly confusing for both the Orteil Dashnet version and the gif set version.

Starting with the Orteil Dashnet version, tattoos can often come out contradictory. Here's an example:

Unnatural Anomaly: tattoo white Blackwork. If tattoo is chosen, it’s on the eye.

"White" means that the tattoo is supposed to be strictly white ink, but "Blackwork" is a style that uses only black ink and is bold and has large areas of black. So, if this is the case, you should go to the gif-set and either focus on the tattoo section, or use the whole gif-set from the beginning.

So, when it comes to tattoos, it's the color scheme first, and style, and sometimes "style" also includes the subject matter that's tattooed such as "mandala," "lace," or "text," but some of these can still be vague, so that's OK. If you're an artist, this is certainly a start. You can choose the subject matter. By the way, if you didn't get tattoo, then feel free to ignore "If tattoo is chosen . . . " but feel free to use the body part chosen for some of the other unnatural anomalies, such as scars.

For amputation, it's amputation, what kind of prosthesis and where the prosthesis. Pretty easy. You're going to have to look up "electrically powered" and all the rest if you want to really understand the function of these kinds of prosthesis.

You may have to look up stuff for body modification, but, other than that, it's pretty straightforward.

For scarification, it's the type of scarification—because it's not just cutting off flesh—a vague subject matter, and location on the body. Whatever subject comes up is up to your interpretation.

Piercing can also be contradictory, if not really weird and/or impossible. I don't know why, but cuffs seem to pop up more often, so if you don't want a cuff, clip-on, plug or gauge, you can just replace that with a regular piercing.

A cuff is curl of whatever material it's made of that hooks around the flesh or cartilage. Most cuff jewelry is made to hook around the helix of the ear. A clip-on is like a clothes-pin kind of clip (obviously nicer though) that clips on to flesh. A gauge is supposed to describe the size of the plug, but a lot of people just usually call them all gauges, but I just consider gauges as hollow rings, and plugs as solid.

After that is the location of the piercings, and let me just say that I was shocked at how many different piercing placements are. There are dozens of diagrams on ear and facial piercings alone, and everything else can be google image searched. If you see "(male)" or "(female)" that means that it's a kind of groin piercing, so you need certain sensitive organs to have this kind of piercing. There's one piercing that I think technically could be for both males and females (between the groin area and the butt area), but for some reason the places where I keep seeing this kind of piercing is strictly labeled as "male."

Lastly, if you get a "corset" piercing, I do realize that most people who get this kind of piercing is temporary. Do what you will with any results you get.

Now that that's all settled, let me now explain how to use the gif-set version in case the general version gives you a wonky result. But let's be honest, you'll probably still get wonky results from the gif-set.

Unlike the previous generators, I felt the need to make little separators in salmon pink with dark purple font. There's also a little color coding, but it may not be so apparent with the first categories.

First, choose the result for "Unnatural Anomalies." Then go down and find the separator title. None means you're done. You don't get any unnatural anomaly. Body modification means you scroll down to "Body Modification." Piercing means you scroll down to "Piercing." Amputation means that you scroll down to "Prosthesis," and, yes, I am aware that some people that need prosthesis didn't have their limbs amputated—some people have been born without limbs, but let's just move on. Scars means to scroll down to "Scars." And tattoos means to scroll down to "Tattoos." Aside from prosthesis, it's straightforward.

For piercing, prosthesis, and tattoos, you get the results to all of the gif generators in that category. Done.

Under Body Modification, get the result to the first gif generator. If you get "bifurcated tongue," or "teeth filing," you're done. If you get clothing, implants, or plastic or cosmetic surgery, you go further down and find the corresponding gif generator. You don't take all of them. Also, as a side note, I know there's a difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery, however people who learn plastic surgery do learn a little of cosmetic surgery, and people that specialize in cosmetic surgery has to learn about a wide array of plastic surgery. If you know more clothes that permanently alters the body shape in some way, please let me know because there's only corsets and brass neck rings. I also have lotus feet and that procedure of breaking legs in four places to make someone a few inches taller, but that's under plastic or cosmetic surgery. I'm looking for clothing that alters the body without any surgery or medical procedure, or piercings, which would be under piercings.

Scars are easier. Get the results for the first gif generator, and if you get scarification, get the results for the three remaining generators. If you don't get scarification, then you're done.

Also keep in mind that if you need a body part, refer to The Basic Body generator set.

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Chapter 15
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