Chapter 6: Battling a Jounin
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Published: 2013-11-21 19:02:16
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Enter Zabuza! It's going to be a tough battle!

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This is a Naruto fanfiction I started on Quizilla. Naruto is owned by Kishimoto Masashi and all his character's and original storyline belong to him, my character(s) and plot belong to the author me.
Chapter 7
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Kasumi, her team, and Tazuna traveled silently through the mist on a boat, manned by one, who paddled onward, keeping the engine off. This tactic would be useful if Naruto wasn't on board.

"Woah! It's huge!" he shouted as we neared the bridge. Kasumi smacked him.

"He-!" She covered his mouth and gave him the death stare. He shrank and become quiet. Everyone else relaxed a little knowing Naruto would speak no more. Kasumi looked at the fog. It was beautiful. She felt most comfortable in settings of fog, she felt like no one could see her that she didn't want to. that wasn't true of course, especially with Naruto shouting, drawing unwanted attention. 'Moron has to ruin everything..' She thought as she looked into the water. The mist was so thick, she couldn't even see much in the water. The boat bumped into land, shaking the water chaotically. We exited the boat, and the man went on his way, saying bye to Tazuna. We headed for the village, the fog clearing somewhat.


Naruto moved around like a spazz again searching. 'What's he doing this time? Idiot..' Something ruffled the bushes. Naruto saw it and threw his kunai.

"Over there!" Everyone froze.

"Ah I guess it was nothing.." Kasumi walked over to check. There lay a rabbit shocked to death.

"Look what you did Naruto!" Sakura shouted. Naruto picked up the rabbit.

"I'm so sorry bunny!" Kasumi crossed her arms. 'Idiots..' Kasumi heard it as Kakashi shouted.

"Everybody get down!" The sound of metal slicing through the air. Kasumi acted quickly and covered Tazuna, aware that Sasuke and Sakura would be alright on there own, and Kakashi would cover Naruto. It struck a tree, and on it the huge sword stood a man.

"Well.. if it isn't the Hidden Mist's missing ninja, Momochi Zabuza.." Naruto nearly jumped to action but Kakashi stayed him.

"Everybody get back.. this guy is on a whole different level.. I should probably use this.." Kakashi said as he lifted the left side of his headband.

"Well if it isn't Sharingan Kakshi.. I'm sorry but the old man is mine.." Kasumi's heart beat quickened. 'That sounds.. familiar..'

"Everyone surround and protect Zabuza, that is the teamwork here..." Everyone shifted, Kasumi placed in back, Sasuke on the right, Sakura on the left, and Naruto in front. 'Don't look at Kikashi's eye.. why I do feel that way.. I feel scared of his eye.. I'm afraid of the Sahringan...' Kasumi thought shaking.


"Fight me.." Kikashi said.

"Ah I get to see the famous sharingan, I'm honored.." Zabuza said mockingly.

"Sharingan! Sharingan! What it is supposed to be?!" Naruto asked confused. Sasuke answered surprisingly.

"Sharingan, it is said that some have the ability read and defeat all types of taijutsu, genjutsu and ninjutsu in their eyes, the sharingan is one of the types of pupil that gives you that power.. but that's not the only power.."

"Exactly.. what's even scarier is that you can copy your opponent's techniques once you see them.." Zabuza said intimidatingly. 'Why do I have a reason to fear that..' Kasumi thought keeping her eyes to the ground.

"When I was still apart of the hidden mists assassination squad, I kept a handbook that information about you, in it it said, that you had copied over 1000 jutsu.. copy ninja Kakashi.." Zabuza squat down on his sword.

"Let's cut the chit chat, I have to kill that old man.. but it seems Kakashi.. I have to kill you first..." He jumped taking his sword and jumped in the water. Or on it. There he stood on the water, preparing a jutsu. Kasumi began to smel the chakra that he released. 'That's alot..'

"Hidden Mist no Jutsu.." He disappeared.

"He'll come after me first.. Momochi Zabuza. As a member of the Hidden Mist he was known as an expert in silent killing.. you don't notice until you're already dead. I can't use the sharingan perfectly, you guys be careful.."

"The mist is getting thicker..." Naruto said is he tightened in his defense. Kasumi smelt it in the air, definantly a chakra mist. She pulled up her kunai, ready to attack.

"8 choices.." said the voice of Zabuza.

"W-what!?" Sakura shouted.

"Liver, lungs, spine, clavicle vein, neck vein, brain, kidneys, heart... Which one should I choose?" As this went on Kasumi could feel Sasuke's fear. Her heart beat quickened. She blanked out.

The word she heard were muffled, and she couldn't make sense of them. Didn't matter, she had to protect Sasuke. she must obey the orders given to her. Sounds became more distinct, her senses sharper. She could nearly see through the mist. She could almost see Zabuza. then he appeared clear behind Sasuke and Sakura, his sword pointed at Tazuna. Doesn't matter. Sasuke must be protected. She pulled her kunai out, shoving Sasuke away, but then she was shoved in turn by-

'Kikashi just shoved me.. what just happened..' Kasumi looked as Kakashi had a kunai shoved into Zabuza's stomach. He dripped into water, and Zabuza appeared behind him.

"Kakashi behind you!" Naruto shouted. Too late Zabuza sliced him in half, but then Kakashi dripped to the ground as well. Kakashi appeared behind him, a kunai to his throat.

"Don't move.. It's over."


"Haha" Sakura laughed relived.

"..hehe." Zabuza smirked underneath the bandages covering his face.

"It's over?.. You just don't get it, there's no way you can defeat me with your monkey-like imitations.. But that was impressive of you, at that time you had already copied my Water Clone no Jutsu, you had your clone say those words to attract me while the real you waited in the mist and watched me.." 'What words? Did I pass out? But I never fell down.. What happened...' Kasumi thought tensing up.

"But.. I'm also not that easy.." Zabuza said appearing behind Kikashi with a kunai at his neck. Zabuza's water clone splashed to the ground.

"That one's a fake too?!" Naruto shouted.  Zabuza sliced at Kakashi, he ducked. As Zabubza's sword sliced in the ground he used it as leverage to kick at Kakashi, who was pushed away. Zabuza nearly ran at Kakashi but faltered as Kakashi landed in the water. 'He must have thrown something on the ground..' Kasumi thought. Zabuza hopped over it.


"Heh, fool.." Zabuza made signs quickly. The water made a bubble, trapping Kakashi.

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Chapter 7
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