What Famous Last Words Would Represent You?
Author: HatedLove6
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Published: 2013-03-29 23:14:48
Tags: death, Voltaire, last words, Antoinette

Are you more likely to take your death seriously, or would you make it a funny with your last words. Or perhaps you're one of those people would would slap Death in the face and prepare to take charge. The results consist of various quotes said by various people under various circumstances, and you're welcome to view all of the results.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
I found these quotes on various sites, and this is just for fun. This isn't predicting your death or anything.
How old are you?
1 - 16
17 - 28
29 - 46
47 and up.
What's your thought process?
Do now, think later.
Do as I think.
Think before I leap.
It depends on the situation.
Which of these proverbs should you really learn to follow?
He that lies down with the dogs will rise up with the fleas.
It is often that a person's mouth broke his nose.
This is better than the thing we never had.
What butter and whiskey won't cure, there is no cure for.
How's life?
Horrible. Just Horrible.
It would be totally awesome, if there weren't any rules.
It's fair.
I don't care how life is, I only care about my well-being and my beliefs, and I won't be oppressed by anyone.
If you've taken a quiz that predicts your death, what was your result, if you can remember. If you can't remember, or you've never taken such a quiz, how do you hope to die?
Electrocution, shot, burned or poisoned.
You'll die of old age or other natural causes.
You'll be murdered.
You did something totally stupid, and you died because of it.
Which of these things do you care about most?
Faith, religion, deities
Health, exercise, diet
Friends, family
Nothing really. Just living my life one day at a time.
Currently, what are you regretting most right now?
Getting caught
Doing something I shouldn't have done
Not saying something to somebody
Not doing something I ought to have done
How would you like your body to be treated?
Water Burial

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