Mythos: Lemon, a twisted one
Author: japancat
Content Rating: PT
Published: 2012-10-15 00:51:59
Tags: Yuyu Hakusho, Mukuro

What becomes of a lemon after it's been used up?

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
I think they wanted the fanfiction term "lemon." Sorry, buddy.
Chapter 11
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Mukuro had a small cup of tea sitting on the table, slicing a lemon in halves and one of the halves into quarters, and that quarter into an eighth. She took one of the eighths and held it over the cup, squeezing it until it was more rind than flesh. She held her hand over it, feeling the acid of the lemon burn into her nails as though eating through the cuticles to leave them for only flesh. Nothing in comparison to the acid that had left her face more like a thin scars over muscle and bone.

And as she was about to place the rind elsewhere, a thought came. What becomes of a rind when it no longer holds the flesh and juices- the blood and meat- of the fruit? What is the use of the skin? When it's been used, suddenly this skin is tossed away, completely useless.

And here is another: Just as they say that we don't know where our bones will be after our death, just as when we leave this world, we stop being a face and a name. Suddenly you are a statistic. Another brick in the wall. Just the discarded rind from a lemon.

Odd and as ridiculous as it sounds, she felt a sort of kinship, knowing that only the innards were of use to anyone. If she stayed in that damn prison. Squeezed and torn until the flesh was used up, and at the end tossing away the husk of a woman to shrivel and turn to dust.

In the end, held in the hands of her father, squeezed only for what he wanted and left.

…Right. It was time for tea. She put the lemon rind in her pocket.

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Chapter 11
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