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Number of Chapters: 21
Book Summary: A Naruto fanfiction, with Sasuke as the main character's love interest.
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Number of Chapters: 4
Book Summary: This is a Shikamaru story and I will be writing it in a different style than my other story. I will write in first person and dialogue will appear like this: [Me] Hey what's up? [Some Guy] Not much eating chips. I was inspired to use this style by sasukelove12 from Quizilla. Neither of us know who the who started this style originally so I will say that credit for this style is anonymous.
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Number of Chapters: 2
Book Summary: This a Naruto fanfiction but an undead girl falling in love with Itachi.
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Author: ziviorxlovesxzivi
Content Rating: T-13
Summary: This is a Naruto oneshot for a request I received on quizilla. I don't want to spoil who the love interest is, and the character information is in the story.
Published: 2013-11-28 00:34:48
Count: 6
User Score: 5 from 1 reader(s)

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